Administrative Rules (Dec 18, 1999, revised in Jan 11, 2000)

Mission Statement:
By holding forums and workshops in Kamagasaki (Airin) area, we seek for the vision for community development to revive residents' living and we facilitate to get it in operation

Organizational Structure:
(1) Executive Committee; consisting of preferably different types of residents
(2) Secretariat

Credential to be a member of EC
(1) Those who agree to the mission statement and are able to well assist in leading forums, satellite-workshops and round-tables into success.
(2) Individual members and organizational members should be in equal positions, at hand.

Rules on decision-making:
(1) Final decisions on method, pattern, date etc should be made by those who will implement particular kinds of events that are concerned exclusively with specific type or types of resident, such as satellite workshops.
(2) On managing general meetings, everyone should respect each other's opinion as long as it is toward attaining our mission and should always try to seek common points we agree on. When we come to the point of final disagreement, we take majority vote; during the process of implementing if the decision is proven to be in need of adjusting, we do so.
(3) We should discuss other kinds of important matters and organize them along with the administrative principle as below.

Administrative principle
All members should strictly observe democratic rules such as "individual initiative", "severalty", "cooperation", and "openness (transparency)". Also, members should keep the administrative principles that generally perceived as significant in present and future community development movement.