Training Course for Volunteering

"The first training course was a big success! Looking forward to what will happen!"
This training course was held from Saturday, November 10, 2001 to Saturday, December 22, 2001 by the Kamagasaki Community Regeneration Forum in collaboration with the Executive Committee for Training.
In spite of the short time frame for applications, there were 50 applicants for the allowed number 40. This was also success.
This time, we focused on two courses -a "literacy building course" and a "coordinator course on life goals" --in order to make the actual working places right away. Both of the courses aimed to empower single aged men who used to be rough sleepers.
Every participant was energetic and some of the 40 graduates already found a place and a way to be involved and started their activity
We are preparing for a literacy building classroom opening March 2 in the office of Tabiji no Sato (Home for Travelers). People involved together thought of the name for the class; it is called "Walking Together, Kamagasaki Literacy Class" (nickname: Mojiro-kai). There have already been applicants for the class.
In the curriculum of the "coordinator course on life goals", three events related to the local currency (Kama Currency) were planned; after the course, graduates formed preparation committees. For instance, they planned community gardening in suburban areas, including activities such as a thanksgiving party, a pickles making class, and a cooking class to soften "male culture".
As the result of the training course, we found many human resources "outside" as well as rich human resources, social transmitting ability, and amazing "social learning dynamics" "inside" Kamagasaki. these will be a big help for us in developing new projects.
Meanwhile an "alumni association for graduates was founded by five caretakers as a way for graduates to keep networking with each other. It will hopefully move towards developing the "Kamagasaki Volunteer Center" that we have been planning.

"The coming courses in 2002 will be held in March and September"
The Overnight training course was received favorably. As a special short-term course, the overnight training course will be held again in late March at the time of the students' spring vacation.