What is Kamagasaki Community Regeneration Forum?

"Developing the unique activity uniting homeless support and community development by citizens' power"
Various citizens' organizations have worked on supporting rough sleepers, the old, the handicapped and the laborers from long ago. It is most efficient when these existing organizations get together to react to the worsening homeless problems. Kamagasaki Housing Community called for cooperation in September 1999 and "Kamagasaki Community Regeneration Forum" was born in October, same year.
Various people come to join as members of the executive committee of the Forum and participate as free individuals. There are members such as town council, managers of cheap lodging houses, staffs of local facilities, NPOs, various politically active organizations, local organizations, members of welfare recipient supporting groups, students and researchers in universities. This is the citizen's movement that promote individual initiative, severalty, cooperation, and openness (transparency) as its operational principle.
Our mission statement is as follows: "By holding forums and workshops in Kamagasaki area, we seek a vision for community development to revive residents' living and we facilitate the realization of that vision."

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