Projects List

Supporting Housing Project
This project aims to prepare temporary apartment housing for the single elderly in this district by converting cheap lodging houses. In this project, we make sure to provide a shared living room and consulting service for daily living for each place. There are 700 people living in the 7 apartment houses---what we call "supportive houses". Most of the residents have experienced rough sleeping in their past. here!!
Plan of Utilizing 2000 Vacant Rooms of Cheap Lodging Houses
In 1999, the Lodging House Association suggested this plan to Osaka City as an alternative supporting system with housing provision for local rough sleepers other than emergency shelters. The plan would have provided diversified viable options, realized public-private partnership and contributed in tax saving. Although the City ignored the suggestion, the Lodging House Association decided to provide 6 to 10 rooms a day for free with the intention that this would be a social contribution as a precedent training project. Now, the association is collaborating with the Nishinari Labor and Welfare Center to develop the plan.
Refuge Temple Project to Avoid Rough Sleeping
Lodging owners temporarily provide several rooms for free as emergency shelters to the individuals susceptible to rough sleeping
Group Home Joy Steering Committee
Group Home Joy provides a home to the individuals suffering from alcoholic and mental disorders. It was the first distributed group home in Osaka City consisting of three different bodies---Nozomi Workshop, rooms of the supportive house and the living room of the neighboring apartment house.
Taishi Welfare Center
The building used to be a bank. A lodging owner purchased the building and leases the third floor to facilitate community development activities.
Aftercare Project for Graduates of the Supportive Center for Self-Reliance
NPO Genki 100 bai Net (NPO Energy 100 times Network) provides a consulting service for daily life and a follow-up interview to the graduates of the Supportive Center for Self Reliance KCRF also supports their activities.
Kama-Kama Care Project
NPO Genki 100 bai Net facilitates the system that was licensed by Kamagasaki laborers as (second-grade) helpers look after former Kamagasaki laborers who need nursing care. This project aims to reduce the problems of unemployment and the severe need for nursing care.
Organic Waste Recycling Project
NPO Citizen Home Life Association coordinates environmental organizations and farmers in suburban areas to facilitate the process from recycling to the sale of organic vegetables. They hire former rough sleepers in this process.
Association to Support the Aging Community in Kamagasa
ki This association consists of owners of supportive houses, welfare and health care practitioners, volunteers etc.; together they explore ways to solve the daily problems of the elderly and the physically challenged. They often hold study meetings for health care and nursing care and take field trips to related facilities. They also hold a forum to explore a better local welfare system.
Kama Currency Committee (Committee Promoting the Circulation of Local Currency)
This committee supports the development and enrichment of daily life, the employment situation, and the Kamagasaki community through the utilization of the local!!
Training Course for Volunteering in Kamagasaki
This training course started in the fall of 2001 to develop human resources in order to help planning and managing projects by KCRF. here!!
Kamagasaki Volunteer Liaison Association
This association was established for networking graduates from the above training course. They also have their own activities.
Preferential Treatment for Kamagasaki Volunteers and Researchers
If a volunteer or researcher is to keep working in Kamagasaki for a well-intended subject, he or she can stay in a cheap lodging house for free. This project came to be realized under the cooperation of lodging owners. Now, this treatment is applied to two people
Literacy Building Class (Nickname: mojiro-kai)
This class is held every Saturday afternoon. Literacy building is considered to be the point of departure for empowerment. We would like to establish a culture center in future.
Community Gardening Group
This group aims to help the elderly in exploring life goals and positive health.
Interactive Meeting for Supportive Housing among Osaka, Tokyo and New York
We exchange information and opinions by holding meetings with the NPOs working on housing projects and community development projects in San'ya Area and New York.
Managing Our Homepage
As a movement open to everyone for community development, homepage management is indispensable in recruiting volunteers and raising funds.